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Travelling from Brazil to Colombia:

On a bike, without any money

You might not believe this, but I arrived back in Rio de Janeiro with 70 reais (about 20 euro) in my pocket. That was it. No bank account to lean back on, nothing. A very good friend of mine had paid me back some money I had loaned him years ago. So now I was left with a decision: to stay in Mindelo (Cape Verde) and slowly spend this money on day to day things or to buy a ticket, hop on a plane and go for a new adventure that would start in the city that has been so important in everything I’ve done in the last couple of years. Ofcourse I chose the adventure :)

So why am I travelling from Brazil to Colombia if I’m broke? And how?

Back in Mindelo I was enjoying an amazing experience but after about a year I started feeling the need to ‘hit the road’ again. After I made the decision to go for a (new) South American adventure, there was only one problem: I was broke! I figured the only way I could travel through the continent would be by bike, since this wouldn’t cost me anything. I would only need a tent to spend my nights in, and a small daily budget for food. Unfortunately my personal situation didn’t allow me to create any budget at all. I have no tent, and at the moment not even a bike. But I will no longer let money rule my decisions. Traveling through the South American continent has been on my mind for so long, and now it’s just time to do it. “Do what you can, where you are , with what you have”, is a philosophy I try to live by.

As soon as I can afford to buy a bike, I will leave Rio de Janeiro behind me and will start my route that will hopefully lead me all the way to Colombia. Since the bike I will be able to afford is probably going to be a crappy one, I don’t expect it to make it all the way. Somewhere down the road I’ll have to start hiking.

My starting ‘travel budget’ might be just enough to get me through my first day (this does not include a place to stay) so on my entire route I’ll totally depend on the good grace of the people I meet along the way. This adventure is going to be the biggest challenge of my life. But I feel I’m ready for it. For the moments that I’ll be ready to give up on things, I have a very good reason not to. During this adventure I will be asking attention for my Foundation called Sonvela. The foundation is such an important part of my life, and I will be trying to prove that I deserve the support I’m constantly asking people for.

Within weeks I’ll jump on my bike to hit the road. Biking along the beautiful ‘Green Coast’ between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. After the state of São Paulo I’ll bike to the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, from where I want to cross the border with Paraguay. Not sure about my route yet, but i'll be passing through Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador before reaching my final destination Colombia by the end of February.

Hope to see you somewhere along the road soon! :) :)


Instagram: me_my_bike_and_a_hike

Twitter: @sonvela

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