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Top 5 favorite moments so far

13 days on the road

At the moment of writing this I’ve been biking for 13 days. 13 straight days of biking through Brazil, with very difficult moments. Moments that made me wanna throw away my bike and bag and just walk away from this challenge.

But ofcourse I was also lucky enough to experience some beautiful things. Especially the moments where people went out of their way to help me out are memories I will never forget. Here are my ‘top 5 favorite moments’.

Time for a swim

I had never heard of the town called Conceiçao de Jacarei. On my 2nd day this is where I arrive at night. After having a snack I look for a place to stay. In the morning I go for a walk after breakfast, and I reach a beautiful beach. I decide to go for a swim to relax from my first days on the road. Discovering amazing places like these was one of the things I had in mind when I thought of this challenge.

Here, for you

I’m on my way to Paraty when I pass a street vendor. Because I’m thirsty I stop at his spot for a nice cold bottle of water. The vendor, curious about my story, can not believe I’m trying to bike through South America. At one point he says ‘wait a minute’, and comes back with a few bananas that he hands over to me. ‘Here, for you! Good luck!’


After a few days of biking I was finally able to reach the (state)border of Rio de Janeiro – Sao Paulo! Such an incredible feeling, and when I start to descend a mountain it feels so good it makes me scream.

Best beer ever

I arrive in Ubatuba, a beautiful town at the coast of Sao Paulo. I’m looking for an address where I might spend the night. Unfortunately I’m out of luck, so I decide to get a drink. I see a cycler approaching, and I ask him if he knows the place I’m looking for. ‘Follow me’, he says, and we move on towards the beach. At the beach he points out to me the place he thinks I might be looking for. We talk for a bit, and he starts grabbing something out of his bag. He pulls out an ice cold beer, and hands it over to me. Merry Christmas dude!

Happy New Year

After two very difficult days I arrive in a small town called Sao Manoel. Again I’m not able to find a place to stay, so I have no other option then to spend New Year’s Eve out on the streets. I choose a spot next to the entrance of a hospital. A few minutes before midnight the people on duty at the hospital all come out to watch the fireworks. I step up to them to ask permission to spend the night at the entrance. ‘No problem’, says one of the nurses, and she even invites me to sleep inside on a bench if I start getting cold. A few minutes later she coms back outside with some snacks and something to drink for me!

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