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A good kind of pain

The first days of Me, my Bike & a Hike

34 degrees celcius. The hot sun burning in my neck. My backpack of 25 kilos hanging around my shoulders.

I start to go uphill after only biking for about 3 hours. It’s hard, but I continue. I give everything I’ve got. Suddenly my left leg freezes. Impossible to move. What’s happening? It hurts, and scares me because I don’t know what’s going on. As I stop I throw down my bike and bag to get to the ground…  

I left Rio de Janeiro that morning around 7:30 in the morning. The first part of my trip was not a problem. It was an aera I know, and it goes along the beach for many miles. What I had seem to forgotten was that the coast of Rio, just like the city, has many high many mountains.

After my ‘cramp attack’ I took a break for a few minutes before I continued to walk up the mountain. It was such a relief to get tot he top. The decent was amazing! Unfortunately I would have 3 (!) more of these ‘cramp attacks’, which are the most painful I’ve ever had.

In the morning I left the town of Sepetiba, and I was looking to reach Mangaratiba. The route makes you leave the coast, getting tot the cities of Santa Cruz and Itaguai first. No problem if you’re in a car, but me it meant another extra 10 miles in the hot Rio sun. I reached Mangaratiba around 5 pm, and so I decided there was still time to continue tot he next town. The mistake I made was not knowing how far that next town would be. The route started with yet another climb and as it started to rain I really felt I made a bad decision.

I reached the town of Conceição de Jacarei after dark. At this point I could hardly walk, and my body was hurting everywhere. The next moring after a great breakfast I went for a walk to get my legs ready for another day. As I touched the sea of an amazing beach I instantly forgot all that I had gone through to get here. It was all worth it…

** Day 3 brought me to Angra dos Reis and later Frade. Today (day 4) I hope to reach Paraty.

Thank you for your support!**

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