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    Me, my Bike and a Hike is the story about my crazy journey through South America. A journey that will take me from Brazil to Colombia, on a bike without any money. My trip will start in Rio de Janeiro in december 2016, and will take me to Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador before reaching Colombia in March 2017.

    A few years ago I left my hometown of Rotterdam because I wanted a change from office life and long cold winters. My adventure started in Rio, a city that has been so important for me ever since I first visited in 2004. After a while it was time to head to Cape Verde, the country where my parents are from. It was an amazing experience to finally get to living in Mindelo, the city of my roots. But after a little more than a year, I started feeling the need to go on another adventure. I didn ’t leave The Netherlands to simply live somewhere else. I left to experience as much as I can.

    So I started thinking and looking at my options. I knew I didn’t have much of a budget so options were limited. Going back to Rio made sense, since I could work as a tourguide. I could also chase my dream of travelling through South America, even though I couldn’t afford it.

    I decided to live by the phrase ‘Do what you can, where you are, with what you have’… The cheapest way would be to travel by bike. So now I just needed a tent and a small daily budget for food. Unfortunately my situation didn’t allow me to create a budget at all. But that’s ok, because I will make this work. Not sure how yet, but it will work.

    This is the story about my journey through South America. Thank you for following!

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    And here we go!

    Ready, set... Bike!

    Good news people: A few days ago I bought myself a bike! I found one here in Rocinha, and it cost me 250 reais, which fits my 'budget' perfectly :) I also made a decision. My journey will start on Tuesday the 20th. I will leave the favela of Rocinha and start my trip biking towards the West Zone of the city. I know the first part is an easy and safe bike ride, so I hope I can make many miles on my first day. I will keep you posted :) Thank you for following me on this exiting journey!

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